Refrigerant R22 Phasedown

If you still have an air conditioning system based on R22, big changes are coming your way!

The US government’s environmental watch dog agency the EPA released new final allocation numbers for the phase down of refrigerant R22 recently. R22 has been the primary refrigerant for residential and commercial use in the United Sates for the last 50 plus years. This end of life timeline is the latest part of an ongoing saga that has developed since the Kyoto Protocol was signed by George H W Bush in 1992, banning the use of HCFC’s. Many of you can remember the switch from R12 to R134a in cars that happened in the 1990’s. The R22 phaseout is the second part of that law, and will affect home and business owners who haven’t yet transitioned to a 410a system in their heating and cooling systems.

In the new ruling the EPA has opted to implement the most aggressive of the proposed schedules, choosing to end all manufacture or import of R22 in the United States on January 1, 2020.

The allocation schedule is as follows:
·       2014: 51,000,000 lbs.
·       2015: 22,046,000 lbs.
·       2016: 17,635,000 lbs.
·       2017: 13,227,000 lbs.
·       2018: 8,818,000 lbs.
·       2019: 4,409, 000 lbs.
·       2020: 0 lbs.

As you can see there will be 30 million fewer pounds of refrigerant available to the industry starting January 1, 2015. Based on what we saw in the 1990’s with the R12 to R134a change over when R12 sold for over $400 a pound, I would suspect that the price of R22 will skyrocket because of supply constraints in 2015.

The EPA has also vowed to review the “dry charge” loop hole in the coming year. No final word on that yet. Additionally, the EPA is also looking at further regulation of HFCs and expanding 608 regulations.

Further Reading:

To view the rule, please click here.

Things to check before a heating service call.

What to check before a heating service call
  • Does the furnace have power?
  • Is the filter clean?
  • If the house is gas heated, does the hot water heater still work?
  • If you have check these simple things, it is time to call Putnam Service at 817-645-8011 and get some heat on!

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

With the heating season in full swing now is a good time to check and make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector and that it’s batteries are working. Each year thousands of people are taken to the emergency room with carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms. Worse than that are the deaths that occur. Please take the time today to install a carbon monoxide detector today. Even if your heating and cooking equipment is brand new. Carbon Monoxide detectors can be found at the big box stores, Walmart or online.

Time to change those filters!

The time has come to change those air conditioner filters. By changing your filters new you will have a fresh filter in your air conditioner just in time for allergy season, which is right around the corner. We recommend the highest MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) filter you can find. Generally a 1” pleated filter will come in a MERV 11. These can be purchased at most any store. If you are interested in buying a case of filters or you have a hard to find size give us a call at 817-645-8011 and we can order your filters for much less than you would pay buying them one at a time.

A 1” pleated filter will usually last 2-3 months in a clean house. If you have pets or small children they probably need to be changed every 1-2 months.

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