March 3, 2020

As we have been telling you for the last 17 years, the days of R22 are behind us.  Putnam Service started installing R410a air-conditioning and heating systems for our customers in 2003 and we  have never looked back.  If you chose to have us install your unit in the last 17 years, you have nothing to worry about in 2020.  With the last R22 production in the US in 2019, there will be no new R22 produced in the future.  What does that mean for those of you that still have R22 systems?  2020 is the time to seriously consider installing a new R410a system.  Yes, we have adequate stockpiles of R22 to help our customers that rely on critical systems that are still using R22, but that R22 will become more and more expensive in the future.  This spring we have potential rebates of up to $4400 off of a new energy efficient Lennox heating and cooling system.  Combine that with low financing rates (WAC) to get the system you need today!  Call us at 817-645-8011 today!

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